Volunteering Policy

(Approved: 3 September 2019, Updated: September 2021) 

Volunteering is an essential part to the smooth and successful operations of our club.  

We are a non-profit BC Society run by a volunteer Board of Directors with a Club Coordinator and Administrator managing day to day affairs, however the operations of the club are too large for the Board and Administrator alone to manage.   

Program fees, fundraising, and grants only cover a portion of the club’s operations each year (e.g. pool rentals, coaching costs, etc.). Over the years (at least since 2015) PWS established a Family Commitment Plan “FCP” program to outline the many tasks that need to be managed with a volunteer point system per role or job. This detailed document listing the numerous areas in which we need volunteer help throughout the year, and corresponding point values, is made available at registration and on Team Snap.  

If we do not have sufficient volunteers to successfully operate the club, more tasks and responsibilities will fall to our Administrator/Club Coordinator hired by the Board to perform these duties. The payment for these duties will be subsidized from the funds collected through the “buy-out” option FCP. 

Each Director on the Board may be elected for a two-year term. In the interest of continuity of Club’s policy and procedures, it is recommended that parents have been members in the Club for one year (from either recreational or competitive teams) before standing for any Board position, however our Bylaws will allow the election of individuals new or outside of the Club, provided that they become registered with BC Artistic Swimming as a general member. 


Our Volunteer Board of Directors includes (no fewer than six) Directors, comprised of the follow roles and duties: 


  • President (Chair) 
  • Vice-President 
  • Registrar 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • Director at Large: Receivables in Finance 
  • Director at Large: Payables in Finance 


Some families may not be able to contribute much volunteer time or may wish to have some flexibility as to the number of hours they volunteer. Therefore, those who are unable to meet the full volunteer time commitment may buy out all or some portion of their volunteer time. Please note that, where possible, we would prefer to have the benefit of your volunteer time and efforts rather than collecting funds.  


Member’s Role 

  • Complete the Volunteer Form found in the FCP to indicate the volunteer positions they are interested in filling for the season. At least 50% of the volunteer points must be directly for the club (ie excludes deck volunteering for competitions). 
  • Provide two post-dated cheques dated November 30th and  May 1st each for 50% of the amount required for your athlete as set out in the table in the column “Required Buy Out”. Please note that these cheques will be destroyed rather than cashed if a family meets their minimum required volunteer points for the season. For any others, a proportionate credit will be issued to the member’s account for all volunteer points earned prior to June 1. 
  • Take initiative in earning, recording and reporting volunteer points. 
  • Recommend and develop new initiatives with the club in coordination with committee chairs and the Board, we welcome members’ ideas for how to improve the PWS community and operations. 
  • Ensure you are signed up for one of the Club Volunteer Roles or serve on the Board.  
  • Record points and report them to the Volunteer Coordinator prior to February 1 and May 1.