Team and Routine Placement Policy

(Approved 3 September 2019) 

The Board is responsible for overseeing programs, in order to ensure that the club remains financially accountable. Programs are developed with the expertise of the Technical Director, and Team Coaches.  

Pre-Season Program Plan 

The Technical Director, in consultation with Team Coaches, will prepare a Pre-Season Program Plan and submit that Plan to the Board before the start of each annual season by a date specified by the Board. 

The Pre-Season Program Plan will address the following items:  

  • the expected number of teams for each LTAD stage and likely size for each team (i.e. the total number of Athletes who would swim on each team);  
  • the expected number of extra routines and their size/type (e.g. solos, duets, etc.) that are likely to be established for each LTAD stage;  
  • the anticipated number of coaches the Club will need to hire for the coming season;  
  • the name of each Coach who will likely be responsible for coaching each team or extra routine, if known;  
  • the anticipated days of the week, times, and pools that each team or extra routine will be assigned for practices throughout the season;  
  • such other factors as may be directed by Board Resolution. 


Placement on Teams and Extra Routines  

Not all age groups will offer extra routines in any given season; sometimes it is better to focus on basic skill development for the long-term good of the athletes. Extra routines are a privilege and not a right. 

Technical Director, in consultation with the Team Coaches, will consider the following factors when determining each Athlete’s placement on a team or in an extra routine:  

  • the availability of coaches to choreograph and train the extra routine; 
  • the Athlete’s ability (as measured by Fall training, club testing, and competition results) and flexibility, strength conditioning, injury history as well as mental readiness;  
  • the Athlete’s attitude, dedication, and maturity;  
  • the amount of time that the Athlete is expected to be able devote to the team or an extra routine; and 
  • whether or not the Athlete was an Athlete Member in good standing in the previous Membership Year. 


Parent(s) will be notified before the offer of an extra routine is made to an athlete. Parent(s) will also be made aware of the expected time commitment (by the routine coach) and financial commitment (by PWS Finance). Parent(s) must agree prior to the offer being made to the athlete. Offers of extra routines will be made after Fall Training, once the coaches have become familiar with the abilities of the athletes.   

All competitive athletes will be included in one or more team routines each season, as part of team programming and fees; any additional routines are considered “extra” and subject to extra preparation, training hours and fees.   

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Final Program Plan 

At the conclusion of Fall Training, in approximately November (or earlier), the Technical Director will develop a Final Program Plan in consultation with Team Coaches, addressing each of the items listed in the Pre-Season Program Plan, as well as the following additional items:  

  • the name of each Athlete who will be swimming on each team or in an extra routine for each LTAD Stage;  
  • Any suggested changes in the level of training the athlete has registered for; 
  • such items factors as the Board sees fit.  

The Final Program Plan may be revised by the Board from time to time, having regard to any recommendations provided by the Technical Director, over the course of the season.