Screening of Volunteers Policy

(new 28 December 2021) 

The purpose of the Screening Policy is to regulate and safeguard vulnerable individuals and sensitive information associated with the Club and the sport of Artistic Swimming.  

PWS requires all Board members and selected long-term volunteer staff, and volunteers frequently working with our teams, over the age of 18, and where applicable, to submit criminal record checks. The volunteer roles and positions will be determined by the Board as to who will be required to submit a criminal record check. The Board will also take into consideration, at their discretion, any further background and reference checks that are required to fill any volunteer position and role with the club. 

Any individual that is hired on contract basis to fulfil a role for the club, will be required to submit a criminal record check on their own, if it is deemed necessary and as requested by the Board. 

Volunteers under the age of 18 who are not already members with BC Artistic Swimming must provide a signed letter of consent from their parent or legal guardian, with specific reference to the required CRC and reference checks. 

Discipline that may lead to suspension and/or expulsion is set in our Club by-laws for any individual who shows conduct that does not represent the values of the club. 

Please refer to the following resource as a guide to BCAS Screening policies: Volunteer & Screening Policy (September 26, 2021).