“The Pacific Wave artistic swimming community wishes to thank our generous grant supporters for helping our swimmers achieve their dreams:”

Wise Fund 2021 and 2022

BC Gaming 2021

Vancouver Sport Permit Relief Fund

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Local Sport Relief Fund viaSport

Pacific Wave stands strong due to the giving and support of our member families.

We wish to acknowledge the following outstanding volunteers:

Amy Li (LCOMP parent) – Hospitality Suite Manager

Ann Stirrat (NS parent) – Club Mentor  – Team Seamstress

Brianna Liu (Male Program parent)– Fundraising and Pool Display Coordinator

Candace Low (HPD parent) – FlipGive coordinator

Charmaine Chang (HPD parent) – Richmond Aquatics Representative

Christina Jiang (HPD parent) – Grant Writer

Dave Hunter (HPD parent) – Return It Fundraising Coordinator

Deb Broadhurst (NS parent)  – Chaperone – Club Mentor

Edward Fam (HPD and NS parent) – IT Committee – Website Volunteer

Hazra Imran (PS parent) – IT Committee – Website Volunteer

Jane Wu (LCOMP parent) – Winter Water Show Coordinator

Jie Sun (NS parent) – Chaperone

Jin Wang (Male program) – FCP Administrator –  Volunteer Hours Tracker 

 Jing Qin (NS parent) – Chaperone

John Zhang (LCOMP parent) – Photography Coordinator

Julian Coronado (HPD ) – IT Committee – Website Volunteer

JungHee Seo (NS parent) – Chaperone

Liba Tsang (NS parent) – Chaperone

Lisa Seriosa (HPD parent) – Meet Manager, HPD Team Parent

Lucy Zhou (NS parent) – Chaperone

Mei Yin (HPD parent)  – IT Committee – Social Media Volunteer – Club Photographer

Mert Sefayi (NS Parent) – Coach Liaison

Mikako Saito (HPD) – Year End Water Show

Mick Ho (HPD parent) – IT Committee – Social Media Volunteer

Myra Ayre (LCOMP parent) – Year End Water Show Coordinator

Ping Shi (NS parent) – Uniform Coordinator –  Team Seamstress

Raymond Ng (NS parent)  – IT Committee – Marketing Volunteer

Ru Chen (HPD) – Translator

Scott Cranston (HPD) – Team Training Equipment Manager

Sherry Zhou (PS parent) – PS Team Parent

Silvia Tsao (LCOMP parent) – LCOMP Team Parent

Selina Zhang (HPD parent) – Year End Banquet Coordinator 

Steven Valenzuela (HPD Parent)  – HPD Team Parent 

Steven Zhang (Male Program parent) – Equipment Manager

Theresa Guo (HPD) – Volunteer Coordinator – Year End Water Show Coordinator

Tina (LCOMP parent) – Hospitality Suite Manager

 Yasmine Fouad (PS parent) – Chaperone – PS Team Parent