Financial Policy

(Approved 3 September 2018) 

To keep fees as low as possible, PWS applies annually to various government and other Grants that are prepared by our Board of Directors, parent volunteer, or Club Administrator. In addition, there are club fundraising activities held throughout the year. All families are required to participate in these activities. We welcome any new fundraising ideas and volunteers to act as coordinators for them. 

Athlete Fees 

Current fee structure is based on previous years’ costs of operations and the estimated costs for the coming year. Detailed fee information is available by the end of August.  Fees must be paid fully at the beginning of the season, or by monthly payments either by credit card in Team Snap or by post-dated cheques from September to June.  The fee for the last month of the season (May) is to be paid together with the first month and included in the September payment. For those athletes continuing on to the next season, a post-dated cheque is collected for June training as well. The annual BC Artistic Swimming membership fee is included in the payment of the annual club registration fee.  

The fee structure includes a Training fee which covers club operations such as the cost of coaching, renting the pool and facilities for dryland training, for overall team training and club administration.     


Expense Fees 

Expense fees are paid separately throughout the season and recorded in their “Swimmers Account” to cover some or all of the following expenses: figure suit, practice Club suit, competition suit, club t-shirt, club jacket plus 2 club caps, local competition fees and extra training costs. These items are purchased through the Club and are charged to each athlete’s expense account.   

Expenses for out-of-town competitions and camps are collected by a deposit prior to each event and reconciled for each athlete in their Expense “swimmer’s account”. Accounts are reconciled at the end of each swim year and start the following year with a zero balance. Any surplus funds in the Expense accounts are returned to athletes at the end of the year, or kept as a credit for the following season upon request.  

Extra routines require a separate payment which is payable upon awarding of a routine. 

If you have any further financial questions, please email our Treasurer or Receivables in Finance