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Wooden Horseman Video “Wish You Could”

We are thrilled to have been a part of this filming! Featuring the local Vancouver band, Wooden Horseman, our swimmers “dance” to the song “Wish You Could” …. What a wonderful memory inside the original Minoru pool, where we trained for many many years!


2020-21 Registration for our Competitive Streams are open!

Registration for the following programs are open for experienced athletes 10 years or older:

National Stream “NS”:

  • High Performance “HP”,
  • High Performance Development “HPD” Advanced

Provincial Stream “PS”:

  • High Performance Development “HPD” Beginner,
  • PS Advanced,
  • PS Beginner / PS Novice

Follow this link to register: Please email us at for more information.

PWS Covid-19 Risk Management and Safety Plans

Follow these links to download a PDF including more information about:

INDOOR (Sept 12; includes outdoor also, approved by BCAS on Sept 15) PWS Covid-19 Risk Management and Safety Plans V2 Sept 15 

OUTDOOR (July 28) PWS Covid-19 Risk Management and Safety Plans July 28


A. Guiding Principles 

B. Covid-19 Risk Management Team and Communications  

C. Training environments and stages table 

D. General Safety Practices  

E. Training Groups and Cohorts 

F. Protocols for safe in-person training 

G. Expectations of Coaches 

H. Education for Covid-19 new policies and procedures 


I. Covid-19 Illness and Health Monitoring Policy and Procedures 

J. BCAS and PWS Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement 

K. BCAS and PWS Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment