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February Athletes of the Month

Our athletes have been putting in an incredible amount of work in and out of the pool over the past month and it’s about time that we celebrate by recognizing our February Athletes of the Month! Throughout the month of February the Provincial stream athletes had a goal of improving flexibility and extension. Every single athlete improved in their monthly testing which, in itself, is amazing! On top of that, one athlete stood out for showing consistent focus in these areas and it shows in her performance. 10&Under athlete, Annie’s needle went from 156 to a whopping 174 in one month! Wow! Meanwhile, the national stream athletes are gearing up for their upcoming national qualifier competition. Junior team athlete, Althea, has been standing out for her hard work in achieving the eggbeater standard in the junior technical routine while also pushing herself to be sharp and a standout example for her teammates! Congratulations to the Pacific Wave Synchro Athletes of the Month!


1st place to Senior Soloist – Seray Sefayi

Press Release:

Seray Sefayi is not your average University student: she is also a senior (18&over) athlete in the Pacific Wave Synchronized Swimming club, spending more than 25 hours a week in Richmond at the Olympic Oval, Watermania and Minoru Pools.

Seray moved to Canada 8 years ago from Turkey. She first joined Pacific Wave at 10 years old and has always had a love for the water. Seray felt that she wasn’t finished working towards her goals and so decided to continue training at the high performance level while pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree.

Swimming as a senior used to be a common practice says head coach Kara Kalin Zader, ” athletes use to train full time while attending University. This was the norm when I was a young athlete. I had the privilege of watching many olympians train in the pool each day.” Now that Synchro Canada’s Centre of Excellence has de-centralized senior athletes can choose to live at home, train full time and vie for a spot on the National team in the summer.

On February 9-10, Seray competed in the Provincial championships at the Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex where she won 1st place in the Senior Solo Technical Event. This was a proud moment for Seray as she has been working hard to improve her technical elements. Synchro has entered a new “quadrennial” which means that all of the technical figures and elements have changed this year. Which makes the win even sweeter!

“Winning gave me the inspiration and the motivation to push and work even harder for the competitions ahead of me” said Sefayi.

It has been a pleasure to watch Seray over the past decade. We wish her luck at her next competition at Synchro Canada’s National Qualifier March 18-25, 2018 at the Calgary Repsol Centre.

Winter Water show and “Try It” Monday December 18th @ 5:00pm

Please join us for our Winter Water Show presented by our National and Provincial stream athletes. We welcome any new athletes aged 5 and up to watch the show and then jump in the pool (deep water) with our swimmers to “Try It” from 5:30-5:45 pm. To register for the “Try It” please click here