Concussion Recovery Recommendations

Concussions are an unfortunate reality for many athletes. Especially those involved in contact sports. Fortunately, doctors around the world are always looking for ways to better prevent and recover from concussions! Here are a few nutritional tips for helping with concussion recovery!

Foods to eat:
-fruits & low starch vegetables
-lean proteins 
-Omega-3s (fish + nuts)
-whole grains
-oils and spices

Foods to avoid
-processed food
-refined sugars
-refined grains
-artificial colours and flavours
-alcohol and caffeine
-sugary beverages

Basically, eat with the goal of promoting cell activity, cellular repair, and reducing inflammation. It should also be noted that an athlete suffering from a concussion should reduce their intake of carbohydrates, up their protein intake and drink plenty of water!

Of course, this also strongly depends on the severity of the injury, and no injury or person are the same, so anyone suffering from a concussion should always consult a Registered Sport Dietician to plan their personal recovery!