Concussion Protocol

(new October 2021) 

In 2019, Canada Artistic Swimming developed a comprehensive Concussion Policy supplemented by concussion management protocols. Today, these documents stand as the gold standard of concussion management in Canada. 

To ensure compliance with BCAS’s Coach Certification Policy, ALL registered coaches in BC must complete the NCCP’s Making Headway e-learning training 

In addition, mandatory training on the CAS Concussion Policy & Protocols will be in effect prior to the start of any season. Furthermore, we implemented a new Concussion testing policy in October 2021 to ensure that when every athlete is being treated with possible symptoms of a concussion, there Is prior information available to refer to the athlete’s normal baseline level. The results of these tests are stored with Lifemark clinic at the Richmond Oval. 

For all information for coaches, athletes and parents please visit BCAS website (resources) to find reference materials: 


CAS Concussion Management Protocol: 


Incident Reports for Coaches: Please fill out this form when an accident or incident happens while coaching: