Communication Policy

(Approved 3 September 2019) 

Given the large number of athletes and teams at various stages, each with a different training schedule, the Club relies heavily on internal communication. All teams hold an orientation meeting in the Fall and all parents and athletes are expected to attend. 

All members involved with PWS, have the right to communicate any concern they may have during the season.  Surveys are sent out during the season to all the members with the purpose of transparency at all levels and that every voice can be heard openly without judgement. Responses to surveys can either be done anonymously or in the open by stating your name. If an athlete has a serious concern, the ability to reach out to a coach, head coach, Technical Director, and Board member is always available and highly promoted in order to maintain a healthy, safe and transparent training and competing environment. 

Team Snap 

The club uses Team Snap, an online website and app, that allows us to register athletes and parents to teams, share practice and event schedules, schedule changes, and share documents (Handbook, Bylaws, Registration information). You can update your notification preferences in Team Snap so that you get reminders about schedule changes or scheduled practices or events. 

Ensure you have been invited to Team Snap and to your team, and can access properly. Once you have been assigned to a team, you will be able to see contact information for other families assigned to the same team. You will also be able to “chat” with teammates and coaches in the Chat function in the app.  Please update Team Snap with information that may change during the year. You can update your family’s profile with names of athletes and guardians/parents, email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, and athlete medical information.  


Reminders, announcements and other communications will be sent to you by email from within Team Snap regularly.  Once you are registered as members of BC Artistic Swimming, you will receive periodic newsletters regarding the artistic swimming community activities in BC. 

Whenever urgent information must be passed on to you, your team’s parent representative will contact you by email and/or phone, or your coach using the TeamSnap chat function. Occasionally, the coach will send home information with the athletes.  

If your email address or other contact information changes during the year, please update this information in Team Snap.  


Please visit the PWS website at ‘’. Here you will find news about PWS activities, contact information for the current Board and Technical Director, our PWS Handbook and Club By-laws, program details and links to other useful Artistic Swimming sites. 

We Chat 

Some casual information and social communication may be shared using WeChat.