Attendance Policy

(Approved: 3 September 2019, Updated: 28 December 2021) 

Artistic swimming is a team sport and regular, consistent attendance and prompt arrival times are important to all members of the team. Athletes are required to be ON DECK and warming up at the designated start time of practice as indicated in TeamSnap, or as updated by their coach.  

Each team will be informed of their scheduled days off at the start of the season subject to changes that may occur during the season due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Each National Stream athlete has 2 allotted free days per season. Each Provincial Stream athlete has 3 allotted free days per season.   

A free day is defined as a discretionary day off for events such as school activities, exam prep, family commitment, etc. These must be arranged with the team coach a minimum of one week in advance.   

Athlete absences during the competition season must be approved by the coach. Unapproved absences and lateness may be subject to sanctions according to the Discipline Policy.  


Absences should not be planned: 

  • 2 weeks prior to any regional competition for ALL athletes. 
  • 3 weeks prior to Provincials, National Qualifiers, Nationals, National selection Camps and Internationals for National Stream athletes. 


We ask that you indicate your availability (athletes and coaches) for each training event in TeamSnap so that all coaches, athletes and Administration know who expect, or who cannot attend.  This is especially important when we have limited time to enter buildings, or should we need to contact participants in attendance at an event.